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Integrating Human Capital Management For An Effective Workforce

EmplX is a cloud-based human resource management system that focuses on cost-effective workforce management workflows. It aims to empower HR department to actively support your organisation's objectives by automating and improving HR efficiency. With EmplX handling the complexities and operational hassles, it frees up your employees to focus on strategic decisions, productivity, and delivering value to your core business.


Access Anywhere Anytime

View payslip, apply & approve eave and claim via smart phones and tablets.

Mobile Apps

Both android and iOS mobile apps allow greater flexibility and convenience.

Increase Collaboration

HR, supervisor and staff do more together, and do it better.

Environmental Friendly

Reduce printing especially payslip and statutory forms.

Pay As You Go

Pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that is kind to your business cash flow.

Upgrades With You

HR Cloud payroll will upscale right along with your company.


Customizable modules and features cater to your HR policies and procedures

EmplX e-Profile

EmplX e-Profile is a one-stop employee profile center. Key features of EmplX e-Profile module:

  • Track promotion and pay history.
  • Support digitization of employee supporting documents such as Employment Letter, Promotion Letter and Certificates.
  • Notification for staff confirmation, retirement and work permit expiry are available.
  • Employee self-service allows employee to update personal profile.

EmplX e-Payroll

EmplX e-Payroll is a powerful payroll module that streamlines your payroll processing with its powerful and simple-to-use platform. Key features of EmplX e-Payroll module:

  • Fully automated and integrated with other modules such as e-Claim, e-Leave, e-OT and e-Time.
  • All Malaysia statutory forms are available – EPF, SOCSO, IRB, HRDF, Tabung Haji, Zakat and ASB
  • Major local and international bank files are available – CIMB, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, OCBC bank, HSBC Bank and UOB Bank.
  • Support multiple payroll cycles in a month.
  • Employee self-service allows e-payslip and e-EA form download.

EmplX e-Leave

EmplX e-Leave is a powerful leave module that allows you to customize the leave according to your leave policy. Key features of EmplX e-Leave module:

  • Support complex leave policy.
  • Support multi-level leave approval and  escalation.
  • Mobile app for leave application and approval is available.
  • Employee self-service allows leave application, leave enquiry, leave approval and leave balances.
  • Unpaid leave is integrated with e-Payroll for salary deduction.
  • Automated leave pro-ration upon confirmation and resignation.

EmplX e-Claim

EmplX e-Claim is a module that allows you to manage employee claims easily. Key features of EmplX e-Claim module:

  • Built-in intelligence to perform complex validation checks such as claim eligibility and claim limits.
  • Support multi-level claim approval.
  • Support multi-currency.
  • Mobile app for claim approval is available.
  • Employee self-service for claim submission and enquiry on claim limit and approval status.

EmplX e-OverTime

EmplX e-OverTime is a module that allows you to manage employee overtime easily. Key features of EmplX e-OverTime module:

  • Allow options to convert overtime to leave or cash.
  • Support pre-plan overtime before work is being performed and auto-propose overtime hours for approval based on pre-defined criteria.
  • Support overtime approval.
  • Mobile app for overtime approval is available.
  • Employee self-service for overtime submission and approval status.

EmplX e-Time

EmplX e-Time is a module that allows you to integrate employee time in time out records easily. Key features of EmplX e-Time module:

  • Allow user-definable shift patterns and schedules for different employee groups.
  • Allow integration with your time attendance software.
  • Integrate with e-Leave and e-OT modules for analysis of the actual time records.
  • Support time record approvalprocess.
  • Employee self-service for time record approval.

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  • e-Profile
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  • e-Profile
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